Nevada regularly ranks in the bottom 10 when it comes to health care rankings by state, but developers and officials are hoping a new project in the city of North Las Vegas could help alleviate some of this pain in the valley.

The good news is there’s nowhere to go up but, said Diego Trujillo, chief executive officer of Las Vegas Heals — the largest nonprofit, membership-based association for health care professionals in the state. The best step forward is for the entire medical sector in Southern Nevada to get on the same page when it comes to health care delivery, he said.

“All of our houses are on fire, and we’re all trying to put the fires out,” he said regarding Nevada’s poor health care ranking at a recent panel on health care real estate. “And what we really need to try and convince everyone to do is just step away for one minute so we can have a meeting and clear the brush that keeps setting our houses on fire in the first place.”